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Yellow Box make fashionable shoes for the young modern woman. Their shoes have a distinct style with the large sole and fun look. Yellow Box shoes often come with embellishments and a platform and heel for a cute and classy look. What's more they're comfortable too and you're likely to receive many compliments.

Most popular
Yellow Box Jello shoe
The distinctive Yellow Box design of the sole combined with a bright thong sandal. The upper contains sparkly rhinestones and the sole is skid proof.
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Yellow Box Softy shoe
This is aclassy wedge with the wedge made of cork. The adornment at the front has a hammered designand the straps are pleated. The heel is 3 inches.
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Yellow Box Festival-P shoe
The Festival Phave a great festival lookcreate a statement with the CND logo. The straps have rhinestone embellishments and the heel is 2 inches.
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Yellow Box - the brand

Yellow Box logo

Yellow Box were founded in 1998 with the aim of making fashionable junior footwear which is a passion of the founder. The industry for this market has bland uninteresting footwear so Yellow Box wanted to fill the gap with stylish, distinctive footwear that's also high quality. They've managed to achieve this with maintaining the comfort level of the shoetoo.

Yellow Box pride themselves on delivering the latest fashions and trends. These are trends you see on the runways of Europe and other world capitals put in this footwear. The Yellow Box look is the large sole with a small platform with the most beautiful and fashionable embellishments and adornments. All in an active and modern style.

Yellow Box now have their brand in over 2000 retailers and boutiques across the United States. It's thanks to their design teams that they have become so popular and well known. With a Yellow Box shoe you get a gorgeously designed shoe combined with the super soft comfort of their soles. For a cute modern look you need look no further.

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