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Tsubo shoes offer the latest designs and trends in the most comfortable shoes. A former Reebok designer started the company with a view to bringing new conceptsto the industry. They use an innovative cushion bubble footbed for comfort while still maintaining the most important aspect of shoes, their style and how they look. Tsubo shoes succeed on all counts.

Most popular
Tsubo Acrea shoe
The Acrea is a stylish pump with soft supple leather it's available in a wide range of colors. The heel is covered in suede and the footbed is ultra soft.
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Tsubo Eini shoe
The Eini is an attractive pump with a leather upper and an elastic top line for fashion and comfort. The leather lining wicks away moisture from the foot.
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Tsubo Anush shoe
The Anush is a beautiful mary jane pump. Thepiping accents at the side extend down the heel. The vamp band features a hook and loop closure.
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Tsubo - the brand

Tsubo logo

Tsubo was founded by Patrick McNulty and Nick O'Rorke, Nick is a British designer whodesigned at Reebok for several years. This influence gives the stylish shoes at Tsubo their comfort and non slip soles. Both are features you'd never know they werethere by looking at the shoes. They just look like modern stylish footwear andare made using the finest leathers withthe latest designs.

That's what's so appealing about Tsubo shoes, they're cute shoes with design elements that are very trendy and unique. You do see a sneaker element in some of the designs (none that we feature above). The range varies from dressythat can be worn all day to a casual sneaker type shoe that'snot often seen.

Tsubo is Japanese for "pressure point" and is indicative of their shoes, theyaim to ease the wearer by providing cushioning to the pressure points of the feet. They do this using cushioned oval bubbles in the sole which is unique to Tsubo. Many people comment on how beautifulyet still very comfortable Tsubo shoes are, so if you're heavy on your feet then Tsubo may just for you.

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