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Tsonga shoes are unique ethical shoes, eachis hand stitched by African women in a rural village ina poor remote part of Africa. What they've managed to make are beautiful contemporary shoes in a great African inspired design. With a Tsonga shoe you get to help the worlds poorest people feed their children and families by using their genuine talent.

Most popular
Tsonga Chaka shoe
The Chaka is a pretty, well made shoe that's available in a variety of colors. There's a memory foam footbed that molds to the feet for maximum comfort.
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Tsonga Hesha shoe
The Hesha is a very attractive shoe with leather floral accents on the strap. The leather lining draws moisture away from the feet for comfort and dryness.
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Tsonga Akhela shoe
The Akhela shoe is a versatile sandal with an African touch. The circular designed straps feature antiqued metallic embellishments.
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Tsonga - the brand

Tsonga logo

Tsongashoes are hand stitched by womenof the Tsonga tribe in South Africa. These are crafts women who have a genuine talent of hand stitching shoes. There are around 160 people directly employed and over 200 jobs have been created. They're ethically employed because they're being paid a fair wage for their work. This is bringing real hope to this small community andhelps feed, cloth and educate their children.

Tsonga shoes are made using eco friendly techniques and materials as well as the finest leathers. With a Tsonga shoe you're getting quality, many of the shoes contain special memory foam in the soles and footbeds for superior comfort and support. The rich leather linings help draw moisture sway from the feet enhancing comfort further.

Apart from the African inspired designs you wouldn't know they were made this way. They're made to the same quality as American shoes and people comment on their comfort and design. Tsonga shoes are the perfect way to enable you to do something about the planet and those less fortunate and get astylishcomfortable pair of shoes for it.

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