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Spyder clothing and footwear are designed for maximum performance. They're primarily usedfor winter weather and winter sports so they're made with high tech fabrics and technologies to keep you dry, comfortable and warm. With Spyder being a ski wear youth brand you can be sure you're getting the latest up front styles and designs in footwear.

Most popular
Spyder Turquoise shoe
The Turquoise is a stylish winter boot. It's soft and comfortableand has a fantastic ability to repel the elements. It has a waterproof membrane and non slip sole.
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Spyder Opal shoe
The Opal uses the latest technologies to deliver winter performance. It's a great insulator evenin damp conditions and contains materials made by 3M.
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Spyder Topaz shoe
The Topaz is a luxurious boot with a luxurious feelhaving lambs leather in the shaft. It has base grip technology for better snow release and non slip.
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Spyder - the brand

Spyder logo

Spyder as afootwear and clothing manufacturer have been in business for many years. they've managed to stay ahead when it comes to using the latest technologies and trends in their products. Throughout their history they've been involved in the leading winter ski competitions. This started in 1989 when they were the official supplier to the US Ski Team. This is followed by numerous partnerships with country teams as well as individual athletes including Olympic gold medal winners.

Their successis due to the link between Spyder and technology. Much of their footwear features trademarked patented fabrics made by chemical giant 3M who are at the forefront in research and development. Their shoes and boots are made for maximum performance in the toughest conditions on Earth and aresuccessful at what they do.

Spyder products can be found in over 550 speciality retailers in the United States and Canada plus in over 50 other countries around the world. They're committed to making the highest quality products that are fashionable and functional. If you need the best performance from your footwear then Spyder shoes and boots are all you need.

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