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Sensi create the most fashionable shoes, sandals and beach footwear. Many of the sandals have drainage systems and massaging bumps built infor maximum dryness and comfort. They make their stylish flip flops in the fashion capital of the world, Italy andbring them to America for all of us to enjoy.

Most popular
Sensi Regatta Ice shoe
Regatta Ice
The stylish Regatta Ice feature contoured bumps on thefootbed for comfort and traction. There'sa Sensi logo on the ventilated strap in this classic shoe.
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Sensi Regatta Basic shoe
Regatta Basic
The Basic is a stylish shoe with a unique water drainage system. The water is drained away from the foot through the sole. This shoe is perfect for the beach or spa.
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Sensi Capri Ice W shoe
Capri Ice W
The Capri Ice W is a striking shoe in a clear color. There are special massaging bumps in the footbed for the ultimate comfort. The strap has an airy mesh design.
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Sensi - the brand

Sensi logo

Sensi have been making quality Italian shoes and sandals since 1962. They specialize in beachand spa footwear and have built a reputation for a solid, reliable, good looking product. Sensi use technology in their shoes to deal with the water andweather you're likely to experience when wearing the shoes.

The technology is the drainage system. This allows the water to drain into the sole which is then dispersed through sideports. This keep your feet dry and comfortable. The same drainage system alsoallows air to pass through and circulate around the feet. This is ideal in hot humid conditions where you're likely to wear the shoes.

The shoes also come in 2 footbeds. One is a massaging bed with bumps to aid this. The other is a contour bed to offer superior support to the arches of the feet. This allows you tochoose your ownSensi shoefor your foot type and preference. Overall Sensi shoes cater to a small market but have cornered it with great looking shoes that are functional too.

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