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Rollerblade are the original inline skate company, no other inline skate can call themselves Rollerblades. Blading or skating is one of the best ways to improve fitness and coordination in a fun way. With Rollerblade shoes you getsafe secure advanced skates that help youglide along smoothly and look good too.

Most popular
Rollerblade Spark W shoe
Spark W
The Sparkare a good looking shoe that features three closing mechanisms to ensure a secure fit. They provide the perfect center of gravity to promotebalance.
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Rollerblade Spiritblade XT W shoe
Spiritblade XT W
The Spiritblade are designed for a woman's body with a narrower foot base to target calf muscles and improve overall comfort. The bearings provide a safe stop.
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Rollerblade Fusion X5 shoe
Fusion X5
The Fusionrange are the latest skates from Rollerblade. The wheels are specially designed for bettermaneuverability anda smooth ride.
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Rollerblade - the brand

Rollerblade logo

Having invented the termrollerblading and all inline skates are referredto by some as rollerblades. Rollerblade are the only company that own the term having invented it themselves. Rollerblade have been at the fore front in technological improvementsin inline skates having come up with many firsts when it comes to materials and design. They're often copied by many but there's only one Rollerblade.

Rollerblade shoes were the first to have polyurethane boots and wheels, dual bearings, metal frames, heel brakes, breathable liners, ventilated shells, graduated brakes, active brake technology and much more. All this has enhanced the rollerblading experiencefor many and made it a safe hobby that everyone can enjoy.

Rollerblade shoes may not be the cheapest inline skates but you get what you pay for. Only Rollerblade use the latest technologies to enhance the ride in their shoes. Your feet are on wheels so youneed the maximum support for your ankles and lower leg and Rollerblade shoes can provide this for you.

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