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Rafters are performanceshoes made in a very eco friendly way. They're designed for adventure and comfort by supporting the foot as it moves. Their style is very much sports focussed particularly water sports and in the water they'rebeen engineered to perform. But because they're great value these shoes are recommended everywhere you want a stylish sandal.

Most popular
Rafters Raftech Chinook shoe
Raftech Chinook
The Raftech is designed to follow theshape of the foot as it moves. The crossover straps make a very adjustable secure fit while the outsole isnon slip.
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Rafters Circle Thong shoe
Circle Thong
The circle thong is a simple shoe with a bright patterned fabric upper. The midsole is 15% recycledand the outsole 25%. It's a great warm weather sandal.
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Rafters Newport shoe
The Newport is a great looking sandal that's available in arange of colors. The waterproof leather uses less chemicals to make itmore eco friendly.
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Rafters - the brand

Rafters logo

Rafters started in the spring of 1992 with their first sports sandal. This was a theme over the years as they made shoes for all sorts of sporting and performance occasions. This is primarily for water sports as the materials they've used and the designs of the shoe have provided greater performance in these pursuits. In fact Rafters test their shoes in these very conditions in the Pacific Northwest and tailer there footwear to these conditions.

Rafters haveused innovative methods of manufacturer andmaterials by using recycled materials. This matches their aim to make their product more planet friendly and matches the expectations and demands of their customers. This is important to them when you consider thenatural environment the shoes are used in.

A Rafter shoe is a stylish design, they look good in and out of the water. What may surprise most is the extraordinary pricethey sell at. With most of their shoes at around the $50 mark you're getting great value for money. So if you need a stylish eco friendly shoe for diverse conditions as a beach or canoe then a Rafters shoe is for you.

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