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Munro American are a family owned company who've been making stylishshoes for over 40 years. In that time they've perfected their designs andcater to all types of feet. Their footwear comes in over 75 sizes from narrow to wide, 4 to 13 and everything in between. This means you get a great fitting comfortable shoe that comes in classiccontemporary designs.

Most popular
Munro American Tess shoe
The comfortable Tess is a mary jane that's perfected for traveling. The upper is both fabric and leather with elastic straps. The sole is lightweight and durable.
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Munro American Evie shoe
The Evie is an attractive shoe. The upper is top grade leather with knit lining to help the skin breathe and wick away moisture. The footbed is removable.
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Munro American Journey shoe
The Journey is a sleek shoe with convenient elastic straps. The removable footbed is cushioned and contoured for better fit and support.
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Munro American - the brand

Munro American logo

Munro American have been making beautiful shoes in the Hot Springs area since 1959. They're a family owned company and many of the workers are family members who superviseall aspectsof the manufacturing process form design to packaging. They're proud to make their footwear in America for American women and employ over 500 people.

Today they use the latest technologies to build the most comfortable shoes. Customer comments have been that they're like walking on air. Munro Americanfootbeds are cushioned and contoured and removable so you can insert your ownorthotics. Then you have the knit lining that helps the skin breathe and wicks away moisture. Add tothis the fact they come in over 75 different sizes with a rangeof widths and you could have the most comfortable shoes you've ever worn.

Munro American shoes are in demand today, people are discovering the style and comfortby word of mouth andlook. For those who want footwear who struggle to find ones that truly fit they need look no further. Plus with Munro Americanyou have a brand of shoes that goes with any outfit and can be worn all day, you'll be glad you discovered them.

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