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Martinez Valero isa Spanish fashion house making stunningly sexyshoes for the modern woman. Every collection is very dressy with heels playing a major role along with beautiful embellishments often found on their shoes. They're made using the finest materials and construction techniques so a Martinez Valero shoe is well made as well as good looking.

Most popular
Martinez Valero Zenith shoe
The Zenith is a very sexy shoe with a satin upper. The front features a pretty square rhinestone embellishment and the satin covered heel is 4 1/4 inches.
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Martinez Valero Cameron shoe
The Cameron is a beautiful strappy sandal. The upper is satin and there's an elegant bow decorated with rhinestones at the front. The heel is2 1/2 inches.
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Martinez Valero Grace shoe
The Grace is a smart contemporary thong sandal. The front is pleated into the thong and the upper is satin. The graceful 1 3/4 inch heel makes a feminine shoe.
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Martinez Valero - the brand

Martinez Valero logo

Martinez Valero have been making shoes since 1952 which makes them an experienced brand in the marketplace. This has enhanced their knowledge of making quality shoes using fine materials and fabrics frequently usingsatin in their uppers. Their shoes keep a very Spanish feel with an exotic and playful design.

Thelocation of the factory that make Martinez Valero shoes has changed over the years but their skill in shoe making has not been affected. You get a well made shoe that you can see with the fine attention todetail. The embellishments are very precisely made and enhance the shoe and the whole look.

Martinez Valero shoes are sexy footwear, this is probably due to the Spanish influence and the use of satin.They make a statement when they're worn, they have a sense of classand you'll receive compliments and admiring looks from others. Martinez Valero shoes make a prefect dressy shoe for a special occasion or important night out.

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