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Lilly Pulitzer is famous for the bright, colorful and fashionable clothing. She has a fun outlook in her designs and this is evident in all her creations including footwear. Lilly Pulitzer shoes arewell made using the highest quality materials and come inforward thinking designs. They're bright elegant shoes perfectly built for the summer and warm evenings.

Most popular
Lilly Pulitzer Mckim Sandal shoe
Mckim Sandal
The Mckim is a very popular thong sandal. The leather straps are connected at the top by a gold metal ring which finishes off a classically designed shoe.
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Lilly Pulitzer As Good As Gold shoe
As Good As Gold
These are striking gold thongsandals. The strappy design is highlighted by a gold ring in the center. The gorgeous woven wedge heel is 2 1/4 inches.
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Lilly Pulitzer Jackie Sandal shoe
Jackie Sandal
The Jackie is another thong sandal with a kind of sling back. The straps are connected with gold rings with a button at the front makinga pretty shoe.
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Lilly Pulitzer - the brand

Lilly Pulitzer logo

Lilly Pulitzer has always been a colorful brand and they stand by this today. They believeeveryone should be in color and live a colorful life. This includes parties whether they're dinner parties, beach parties or dance parties,this is what the colorful life is all about. It's about fun and her designs including her shoes are about bringing thefunto the party.

The Lilly Pulitzer shoe collection feature stylish designs for the modern confident woman, the range of thong sandals are beautiful andcan really enhance an outfit. They will look perfect at an evening party which is what the brand is all about. With theiruse of straps and the clever way they interconnect them with gold and leather the Lilly Pulitzer shoe is a stylish design.

Lilly Pulitzer herself still keeps an eye on the creations that use her name. She remains a the company as a creative consultant approving designs and fabrics to make sure they keep to the original fun ethos that the first Lilly Pulitzer line had. That's what you get with Lilly Pulitzer shoes, quality footwear with a sense of fun in what ever you do.

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