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La Plume shoes and sandals are made suing the finest leathers and construction techniques. They'recomfortable shoeswith special soft linings that also helpthe skin breathe. What stands out the most however are the designs. La Plume shoes have a distinct style, they're a classy shoe thatcan go with a range of outfits andoccasions.

Most popular
La Plume Jen shoe
The Jen is one of the most popular shoes from La Plume. It's a classic design with a leather wrapped footbed and midsole creating a striking look.
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La Plume Jessica shoe
The Jessica is more of an everyday sandal. There's both a smooth and croco leather upper and cute daisy emblems on thestraps. The heel is 2 1/2 inches.
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La Plume Amalfi shoe
The Amalfi has stunning detail, the buckles have a rhinestone finish for a real classy look. They're available in a range of colors and must be seen.
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La Plume - the brand

La Plume logo

La Plume shoes are hand sewn and made in Italy by expert craftsman. The owner Paul Weitman has developed an innovative way of stitchingwhich is used inmanufacture. La Plume shoes are incredibly comfortable withlarge footbeds which are usually leather lined for softness and breathability. A La Plume shoe can be worn all day if needed asthey're lightweight and very attractive.

La Plume shoes have innovative designs using a range of colors and animal prints. They clearly have fashion as an integral part in the shoe making process with some striking designs. Some shoes look good enough to wear at special occasions especially on warm nights. The heels are all 1 to 2 inches and more to give some height.

La Plume continue to release stylish comfortable shoes every season, you can always expect a great rangeincluding all day sandals to moredressy sandals and shoes. Theygive you a strong appearance and are sure to get compliments as people notice the intricate designs when they get closer. La Plume shoes make a great choice for classy footwear.

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