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Kamik make shoes and boots for harsh conditions. In the driving snow, rain or wind you can depend on a Kamik shoe to keep you warm and dry. They also come with some of the most fashionable designs and prints. A Kamik shoe makes a real impressionwhile thetechnology within the shoe does it's job.

Most popular
Kamik Hearts shoe
These boots have the perfect design for the happy go lucky in us.The colorful print is Italian and made of PVC. The comfortable footbed is removable.
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Kamik Maui shoe
This boot hasparadise ina Maui design. It's great in rain or shine as it's lightweight and waterproof. It has an outsole that maximizes traction for safety.
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Kamik Daisy shoe
The Daisy boot contains a flowery print that's available in a range of different colors. It's made in Canada, has a 1 inch heel and is environmentally friendly.
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Kamik - the brand

Kamik logo

Kamik say their footwear is built to protect. They make the most comfortable shoes, many of which have removable insoles so you can insert your own orthotics. The PVC construction means you're kept dry andthe lining keeps you warm. It also has a special outsole means you won't slip in the rain or snow. What's more the boots are environmentally friendly as they are recyclable.

What you and others will notice most are the beautiful design and colors used. The prints come from Italy and each has a range of different colors. For example the hearts boot above comes in around 5 different color schemes so you get a lot of choice. The designs are really stand out and make a great stylish look.

Kamik shoes and boots are very popular, "fancy and functional"was one of the comments used to describe them. Kamik are quite serious about their footwear and their performance in harsh conditions so you can be sure you're getting a product that's beendesigned for it;s purpose. Kamik have managed to make some great looking practical shoes and boots.

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