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Justin are one of the oldestbrands in America, they've beenmaking quality cowboy boots for over 100 years. Justin shoes and boots are a symbol of quality and durabilitywhich wasneeded for cowboys working on the land. Today Justin shoes are updated for the modern cowgirl with new designs and trends however they still have the ruggedness of theOld Wild West.

Most popular
Justin Gypsy Cowgirl Coll shoe
Gypsy Cowgirl Coll
The Gypsy Cowgirl boots are one of Justin's most popular boots and comes in arange of colors. The upper is aged bark and there's a diamond cut pull strap.
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Justin L4935 shoe
Justin - L9435
This Justin boot is a boot design in the classic western style. The upper is Bay Apache with a leather outsole. The insole has an innovative comfort system.
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Justin L4955 shoe
Justin - L4955
This is another great looking Justin boot in a classic wild west design. It's a single stitched welt construction, made in the USA and has a leather outsole.
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Justin - the brand

Justin logo

Justin started in 1879 when founder H.J. Justin became a boot repairman in Texas. He started making boots and his first customers were cowboys passing through the town. Over the years the company grew and so did H.J. Justin's family. They moved where the business was and soonwere selling their shoes to over 26 states. H.J. Justin died in 1908 and his 2 sons took over the company.

Even in the early days Justin shoes have been made to meet the needs of the cowboy, they need to be sturdy, durable, comfortable to wear and look good. Today Justin shoes still have the same philosophy. They make durable boots but have modern styles as fashions change. Justin shoes have a become a fashion and trend in their own right.

Justin shoes are made for the modern cowgirl. There may not be many ranches in urban America but the sprit lives on. The Justin line ofshoes arethe authentic western footwear for the 21st century. Now they have their innovative comfort system in the insole with a Justin shoe you get a stunning comfortable boot that'sbuilt to last.

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