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Jean Paul Gaultier has been at the fore front of fashion design for many years. His creations have always sparked interest around the world with his innovative use of shapes and design. His footwear is no different with many stand out pieces. A Jean Paul Gaultier shoe is a unique shoe that creates a lasting impression.

Most popular
Jean Paul Gaultier GA1002BC0Q G23 30A shoe
Jean Paul Gaultier
This Jean Paul Gaultier creation has an innovative use of color with the blue accents. There's a distinct curvaceous shape in this leather shoe.
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Jean Paul Gaultier GA1001BC0Q G00 000 shoe
Jean Paul Gaultier
This is a classy cultural t-strap platform. The elegant design contains a commanding 4 1/2 inch heel and is made with luxuriously rich leather.
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Jean Paul Gaultier GA1001CC0N G04 shoe
Jean Paul Gaultier
These areheavenly innocent t-strap pumps.There's a hidden platform and beautiful lace up detail at the heel. This stunning shoe has a 4 3/4 inch heel.
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Jean Paul Gaultier - the brand

Jean Paul Gaultier logo

Jean Paul Gaultier has never received any formal training in fashion but clearly had a good eye and flair for design.At the age of 18 he sent Pierre Cardin some sketches of his designs who was impressed enough to hire young Jean Paul as an assistant. Over the years a professional designer was born. Jean Paul Gaultier has since been asked to design clothing for pop stars like Madonna for which he designed the infamouscone bra, andmovies like the Fifth Element have all benefit from his mind.

Despite being born in France Jean Paul Gaultier has always been considered the bad boy of French fashion with his unusual designs. Todayhis range spans clothing of every type including jewelry, handbagsand perfumes. Jean Paul Gaultier is a sought after global brand and his footwear is held in high regard too.

Jean Paul Gaultier shoes are made using the finest materials and are meticulously made in Italy. Every care is taken with each shoe especially in the design where shapes and lines play a large role as you would expect in a Jean Paul Gaultier creation. Overall with a Jean Paul Gaultier shoe you're getting a piece of art straight from the fashion runways ofParis and Rome.

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