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Hurley footwear are inspired by beach culture especially the surfing, bands, fashion and art. Hurley as a brand sits neatly in that with their philosophy of inclusion and positivity. Their footwear has the unmistakable beach design of bright colorsand abstract prints for the modern active woman. Hurley make good looking footwear that likes to be seen.

Most popular
Hurley Jackie shoe
The Jackie is a cute flat that has a great color print insole. The textile upper has icon embroidery with a pink Hurley logo. The insole is lightly padded for comfort.
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Hurley Re Re shoe
Re Re
The Re Re is a cool flat that carries on the Hurley blend of contrasting colors. The upper is canvas and has a vamp strap. There'sa durable rubber outsole.
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Hurley Trips 9 Lowrider W shoe
Trips 9 Lowrider W
This lowrider is a classic old school slip on. It's adesign that always stays in fashion. The midsole is soft for comfort and the rubbersole provides traction.
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Hurley - the brand

Hurley logo

Hurley first started in the surf industry in Southern California in the 1970's with Hurley Surfboards. Soon the company grew and mergedto form Billabong USA. When the Hurley license came up for renewal the original Hurley Surfboards founder Bob decided to go back to his roots and Hurley as we know it today was born.

The principles of the original Hurley company still holdtrue for Bob and his 150 employees. They sell a wide range of products all influence by the beachscene and culture that goes with it. The footwear is a symbol of that with many old school designs, simple shapes andgreat use of color.

Hurley promote many artists, bands, skatersand surfers within the beach scene. With a Hurley shoe you stand by that scene, it'sa statement that you believe in the integrity and positivity that's inherent. All the while a Hurley shoe retains the feminine touch and individualityand looks good.

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