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Givenchy is a recognized worldwide fashion house whose designs are the height of opulence and glamour. The style is chic and setstrends that others try to emulate. Givenchyputs the same class and zealinto their footwear. A Givenchy shoe is of unmistakable quality and unique design from the world's leading designers.

Most popular
Givenchy 593962 shoe
Givenchy - 593962
This is a beautiful Givenchy shoe with a provocative peep toe. The stitching is tonal and makes a great feature. It's made in Italyand the heel is 4 1/2inches.
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Givenchy 594985 shoe
Givenchy - 594985
This is a very glamorous sandal with chain accents around the black frog nappa upper. There's a side zipper closure and leather lining and insole.
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Givenchy 594997 shoe
Givenchy - 594997
This Givenchy shoe is a stunning design that's sure to draw many admiring looks. It has a provocative peep toe and a back zipper closure. The heel is 4 1/2".
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Givenchy - the brand

Givenchy logo

Givenchy was founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy and became famous for hisfeminine, glamorous designs.Over the years there have been many celebrity clients including the Kennedy, Grimaldi and Guinnessfamilies. Today Givenchy is a worldwide brand that has becomeknown forperfume as well asclothing and footwear.

Givenchy is a name that stands for elegance and style. When you buy into Givenchy you're getting that latest trends, you're getting something that's been seen on therunways of Milan, New York and Rome. Givenchy footwearcollections are meticulous andreleased following the fashion shows.

Givenchy shoes are made using the richest leathers and materials. They're designed to be the perfect fit and look. Givenchy shoes are exclusive, you won't find them just anywhere and that's the point. With a Givenchy shoe you're buying in to that exclusivity, you're buying the latest designs from the world's leading designers and not everyone has access to that.

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