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Garmont make the perfect shoes for hiking, mountaineering, back country skiing, trail running, any adventure that requires a solid shoe that's comfortable to wear. Thanks to Garmont's research their shoes are the result of the latest footwear technologyapplied to nature. Garmont shoes are not only practical, they look good too.

Most popular
Garmont 98.1 Race shoe
9.81 Race
This sturdy shoe is designed so you can give the maximum performance on any terrain. Blisters will be a thing of the past and comfort will be experienced.
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Garmont Nagevi Vegan XCR shoe
Nagevi Vegan XCR
The latest materials like Gore-Tex make this shoe breathable and repel moisture. This is the ideal shoe for hikes, urban wear and adventure travel.
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Garmont Natura shoe
This Garmont shoe is an anatomically direct design. This encourages the foot to operate with maximum efficiency. The midsole is lightweight and flexible.
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Garmont - the brand

Garmont logo

Garmont have cornered the market for footwear deigned for challenging situations. WhateveradventureGarmont shoes are considered the footwear of choice. They're designed to provide you with the maximum performance while you undertake any challenging activity. Whether it's hiking up a mountain or just walking Garmont shoes deliverthe right technology for comfort and support.

Garmont use advanced materials like Gore-Tex fabrics andpolymers to enhance their shoes. Their midsoles have a tri-structured system to combine comfort, shock absorption and compression for the best cushioning. Some feature a protective liquid rubber toe cap for comfort during lengthy activities. The outsoles get a sticky rubber compound to provide traction and safety.

Garmont as a brand are going from strength to strength, they make fantastic shoes which are demanded,needed even by adventure lovers and they sellat reasonable prices. Their shoes are built to last and withstand any kind of punishment thrown at them. Garmont shoes represent an excellent investment for those who need a performance shoe in any weather.

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