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Foamtreads feature the most comfortable shoes and slippers. At the end of the dayor around the home take the weight off your feet and relax with the softest footwear. Great careis taken with Foamtreads shoes, they are made using the highest quality materials and workmanship. They come in a variety of widths and sizes to mold to your feetand keep them snug and warm.

Most popular
Foamtreads Coddles shoe
A Coddles slipper cuddles your feet in coziness. The linings are terry to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry. There's also anon slip sole.
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Foamtreads Jewel shoe
The Jewel is an ultra soft moccasin to help you kick back and relax. The upper is velour soft with a foam backing to help the shoe keep it's shape over time.
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Foamtreads Sunset shoe
The Sunset is a cute shoe to be worn all around the home. The upper is suede and tweed with a flower embellishment. The shoe fits using a toggle at the front.
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Foamtreads - the brand

Foamtreads logo

Foamtreads was established in 1948 andare nowthe oldest vulcanized slipper brands in North America.Over the years they've built upa great slipper empire. To such an extent that they now shiptheir shoes all over the world including Europe and Asia. The softness and quality of theirshoes has given them a huge following.

The quality is obvious when you buy their shoes. Their outsoles are made from 100% natural plantation rubber tested to meet the highest standards. The fabrics are of equal high quality. Foamtreads have made sure they can cater to all their customers by making their shoes in a variety of widths, sizes and colors.

With Foamtreads being in the marketplace of fine slippers for over 50 years they have found their own special niche andhave cornered it. They make quality shoes that customers clearly enjoy wearing and they're good value too. For this reason you're likely to be able to see and buy Foamtreads shoes and slippers for years to come.

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