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Emilio Pucci make the most striking footwear, they use very unique prints. They come in swathes of color and bright abstract designs. An Emilio Pucci shoe makesa statement and youooze confidence. They're made using the finest materials and highest buildquality. An Emilio Pucci shoe is impressive in every way.

Most popular
Emilio Pucci 784942 shoe
Emilio Pucci - 784942
These stiletto shoes are stand out designs withtheir ornate detailing.There's a suede lined peep toe and a leather upper. The heel is 3 1/4 inches and is colored.
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Emilio Pucci 763474 shoe
Emilio Pucci - 763474
This sling back comes in astunning Summer like print design. The short 1 1/4 inch heel is metal and there arejeweled embellishments at the front.
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Emilio Pucci 764967 shoe
Emilio Pucci -764967
This is a very pretty Emilio Pucci shoe. It is a round toe wedge with criss cross straps. Theleather upper isa croc print and the heel is 3 1/4 inches.
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Emilio Pucci - the brand

Emilio Pucci logo

Emilio Pucci was a prominent fashion designer whose creations were made famous in the 1950's. It wasan Emilio Pucci dress that Marilyn Monroe was buried in. He has always been renowned for his useof brightcolors and geometric prints.His career and rise to fame is an interesting one of which more information can be found on the Emilio Pucci Wikipedia page.

After a life at the cutting edge of fashion design Emilio Pucci died in 1992 and his daughter took over the business. Majority ownership was bought by the Louis Vuitton luxury goods group in 2000 but this has had no effect on the direction ofthe clothing and footwear. Emilio Pucci's daughter Laudomia continued as image director.

Emilio Pucci designs are bright but timeless, you will always be an Emilio Pucci influenced range available. Emilio Pucci shoes and clothing have been sought after by women for years. They have that unmistakable style and quality and are real head turners. The Emilio Pucci brand is safe within the hands of a corporation who are keeping the traditional spirit alive.

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