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Daniblack only feature the latest trendsetting style and fashion in their shoes. They have vibrant colors in well made and designed pumps, sandals, flats and more. Daniblack have been featured inleading modern young fashion publications and appeal to the woman who cares about how they look and feel.

Most popular
Daniblack Libby shoe
This is a girly open toed shoe. There's a bow at the front and the upper is luxurious suede. The back is elasticized for the best fit and the heel is flat.
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Daniblack Marval shoe
The Marval is a stylish shoe with silver and gold tone studded accents. The upper is soft suede and theoutsole contrast colored. This is a great all day shoe.
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Daniblack Elustra shoe
The Elustra is a good looking dressy shoe. With a 3 3/4" heel this shoe is going to turn heads and get manycompliments. The outsole is leather.
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Daniblack - the brand

Daniblack logo

Daniblack the brand is the brainchild offorward thinking modern husband and wife duo Daniel and Barbara Schwartz. They launched the fashion brand in 2005. Over the years they've been featured in the leading fashion publications like Elle accessories, Marie Claire and more. Today Daniblack repeatedly release acclaimed collections for every season. This season is no different with a modern style you can wear knowingyou're at thecutting edgewith your footwear.

The Daniblack range consists of flats, sandals, pumps, wedges, platforms evening shoes and more.All have the design flair you come to expect from a leading brand. What's great is your getting comfort as well as style. Daniblack shoes are well made and they also know you need comfortwhich they achieve using high craftsmanship standards.

Daniblack have grown and grown since their inception in 2005 and there's every reason for that to continue. They make great shoes thatare regularly featured inleading fashion magazines. They're really well made andreasonably priced. With their founders at the helm making quality footwear the Daniblack brand is a sure bet.

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