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This page is about the website, it's mission and owners.


The aim of this site is to directly put shoe lovers and buyers in touch with the best brands available in the US. With this site you can quickly go through each brand you've heard of and see their bestsellers and information about the brand itself. Each page has links so you can buy the shoes you see on the page or browse others in the range.

We are all shoe lovers and it's great that there are so many shoes available to buy online so you can see some great brands that you hadn't wither heard of before or would never have tried to buy. The store we link to currently offer a free both way shipping service so you can try your new shoes risk free to see if they're the ones for you.


The owner of this site is a shoe enthusiast like most people. Shoes really say who we are and you can even gauge someone's mood or your own by the shoes they choose to wear. There are so many varieties and some are perfect for certain occasions. What makes this site a joy is being able to write about and look at many lovely shoes.

We have a passion for shoes and the internet so it was only natural that the two could be combined. As a duty if disclosure on the internet the owners are compensated when a purchase is made through the links on this site. This doesn't affect the price or service you get from the stores linked to.

We hope youlove the site and shoes!

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